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Grundtvig Learning Partnership - Didarchtik

What it is about
EXARC and a number of its members applied in 2010 for a Grundtvig Learning Partnership. Grundtvig is a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLLP) of the European Union which among others involves Leonardo and Erasmus. It is focussed on adult education and in our case involves several museums, open air museums, universities and high schools.
We work with our partners from across Europe to share practice, discuss problems and compare solutions on our particular topics. Obviously our project will be about non-formal learning in different aspects, the plans were developed between the partners.

While writing an application two projects have been formed: Didarchtik and Zeitgeist. This is the website about the first one.

Didarchtik is coordinated by EXARC. Bäckedal Folkshögskola is an adult education institute in ancient crafts with a long standing. VAEE is a network with 200 professionals in archaeological experimentation and education. The other six are archaeological open air museums.

Our concrete objectives:
• To create a network to exchange experiences and knowledge in ancient technology.
• We want to learn better to connect to our adult public.
• We want to understand the diversity of our public in age/generation range and backgrounds.
• We want to learn from each other how to exhibit and animate history to the public.
• We need to know more about adult learning processes.
• We want to learn from each other how explaining science is an added value.
• We like to explore new ways of educating the adult public (cross media, new media and ‘unusual’ methods).

Results will among others be:
• articles in several journals
• an on line visitor survey system, made and used and evaluated
• an on line system for films of all partners
• an on line dictionary / glossary of terms
• an on line network on ancient technology in archaeological open air museums
• several on line manuals