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National Dutch association for archaeological experiments and education, approximately 230 members. The Association for Archaeological Experiments and Education is the Dutch National platform for all those interested in archaeological experiments and education.

Among the members, there are archaeological open-air museums (as well as indoors museums), universities and individuals professionally practising experimental archaeology and / or archaeological education.

The Association has different workgroups with subjects like Education, Food / Nourishment, Bronze, Iron, Textiles, Wood and Stone. Every work group holds meetings when experiments are conducted and information is exchanged. Besides this, demonstrations are given to a larger public and advise is given on how to experiment or how to set up educational activities. Finally, the Association organises yearly meetings for the members. Subjects are dealt with which are useful for the different work groups.

The association has several working groups on the topic Education, Food, Bronze, Iron, Textile, Wood and Stone. Each group organizes meetings in which experiments are carried out or information is exchanged. In addition there are demonstrations for the public account and you give advice in setting up experiments and educational activities. Finally, the Association organizes annual meetings for members. There are topics that are useful for different groups.

The Bulletin (Bulletin voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie) is the periodical of the Association which appears trice per year. Included are articles on experiments, educational items, Dutch and European theme parks and open-air museums as well as book reviews.


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