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Meetings and Workshops

There will be several workshops:

1 21-24/09/2010, the Netherlands: A work meeting to get things right.

2 15-18/11/2010, Catalonia: A workshop about learning & teaching adults. Pedagogical and social backgrounds, physical and psychological developments. Working with people with disabilities.

3 07-10/04/2011, Germany: A workshop on living history and live interpretation. Quality measures, good practices. Looking into themes like textiles and food, linking with crafts. Discussion living history – crafts.

4 14-17/06/2011, Sweden: Mid way evaluation. Crafts workshop, attention to generation learning, linking with living history. A discussion on living history & crafts. A Class on adult education techniques, follow up from November 2010.

5 20-23/09/2011, Italy: Looking into those staying over 3 hours and looking into returning visitors, how to teach them what we want and what they want (communication), a well balanced total museum offer to include all target groups.

6 11-15/06/2012, England: End evaluation. Teaching adults through themed products and artifacts. Follow up on the programme development theme. Class on how an education visit with organised activities for adult students can be handled versus non-organised visits of adults.