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Adult Learning the Bäckedal Way

Workshop “Crafts workshop, attention to generation learning, linking with living history. A discussion on living history & crafts.”
Lifelong Learning Partnership Didarchtik
Bäckedals Folkhögskola, Sveg, Sweden
14 June - 17 June 2011
Adult Learning the Bäckedal Way

Tuesday 14 June
Afternoon Arrival
16.45-17.30 Dinner
20.30 Room 1, first floor in the main building
Härjedalen, a personal view,
Eva Springe and Ellinor Sydberg

Wednesday 15 June
7.45-8.30 Breakfast
Gathering outside the main entry, formation of groups
9.00 The reconstructed buildings at Bäckedal - a walk in the surroundings
10.00 Coffee break in the open air, by the river Ljusnan
10.30 Workshop: The thread as a symbol and a necessity
Aja Petterson, Eva Springe, Susanne Swedjemark and Ellinor Sydberg
12.00-12.45 Lunch
13.30 Workshops
Wood Åsa Wilhelmsson
Iron KG Lindblad
Leather and fur Aja Pettersson, Susanne Swedjemark
14.30 Coffee break in the open air
The workshops continues
16.45-17.30 Dinner
18.00 Midway evaluation
Dorothee Olthof and Andreas Mensert
19.30 Gathering round the fire by the river Ljusnan

Thursday 16 June
7.45-8.30 Breakfast
9.00 Workshop: ”Eurovision fire contest” by the Viking House
KG Lindblad
10.15 Coffee break
10.30 Discussion: Adult learning
Emma Jönses and Annemarie Pothaar
12.30-13.15 Lunch
14.00 Presentation of the next meeting at Arceoparc in Val Senales
Progress of the glossary
Johanna Niederkofler, Irene Egger
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 The state of progress of the project (meeting with the Decision Takers)
Roeland Paardekooper
The rest of us will take a walk in the woods in the surroundings.
The path is called Björntrampen, The Bearwalk
Aja Petterson, Emma Jönses
time to relax
18.30 Farewell dinner

Friday 17 June
7.45-8.30 Breakfast


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